Frequently Asked Questions:

These are questions we have heard numerous times, and they're not all about lawn care. You may have asked some of these questions too.

Why is my lawn so green?

A nice green lawn is what makes us happy. We fertilize consistently, (included in the price of all our services), which keeps the lawns green through every season. In fact, we fertilize extra in the winter to keep your lawn from going dormant. Usually, we have the best looking lawns on the block and most of the neighbors say, "Hey, why is your lawn so green?" We don't mind if you take the credit.

Why do you use a Service Agreement?

We use a Service Agreement as a communication tool. We realize that we are unique in this regard. Residential lawn care companies simply don't use them. We have found that it gives our customers very clear expectations of our services. Furthermore, it helps to eliminate misunderstandings that may occur. Better communication means better service.

What happens if it rains on my service day?

Most rain occurs between December 1st and March 1st. During this season, we guarantee only two services per month. Therefore, we simply postpone your service day until weather permits. However, between March 1st and December 1st, service may be skipped on non-weather permitting days. No credit is provided for these missed days.

What is the difference between Pre-Emergent and Post-Emergent weed control?

Basically, Pre-Emergents prevent new weeds from sprouting. Post-Emergents kill existing weeds. More information is available at this page.

What kind of fertilizer do you use?

Fertilizers are varied throughout the year in order to provide the best looking lawns. This variation allows us to properly respond to seasonal weather changes and to provide all of the nutrients that your lawn needs.

Why do you only edge every other week?

We edge every other week in an attempt to avoid over edging. The longer the dirt at the edge of your lawn is visible, the more weeds that can sprout. Besides, your lawn doesn't need a dirt border. It's just ugly that way.

Do you offer aeration?

Yes we do! It is offered at an extra charge three times per year for all of our customers. But, for our Turf Service customers, twice yearly aeration is included in your monthly price. If you are not a current customer, and would like a quote for just aeration, go to our Estimates page and write "Aeration Only Please" in the notes section.

Do you offer dethatching?

Most customers don't require dethatching. With the consistent fertilization that we provide, most thatch will biodegrade into the soil. If it is really bad, we will rake it out by hand, but it is seldom needed. No, we don't provide power dethatching.

Why do you suggest watering so much in the Summer?

In most of the areas that we provide service, the soil is HORRIBLE! Very little water penetrates the soil (poor percolation) which means that the grass roots are very shallow. As a result, grass is easily damaged by hot weather. In good soil conditions, infrequent long watering is suggested to draw those roots deep. But here, the bad soil requires frequent short watering. (See our watering schedule.) Unfortunately, these are also ideal conditions to grow Annual Blue Grass AKA Poa. This is a light green grass that invades and easily spreads. The August Weed Pre-Emergent application that we offer, at an additional charge, is designed to target this weed.