All of our services are provided on a monthly basis and the cost, which we bill through the mail, is averaged over a 12 month period. We use a Service Agreement that guarantees our price to you for these 12 months. As well, it details the way we provide our services, and do our billing. However, if you don't like our service, we only ask for a 30 day notice to cancel service. You can request a free estimate for any of our services at the Estimates page

What can we do for you?

Mow / Edge
Do you want the best looking lawn on the block? We provide the basics that you need to make it so...

Turf Maintenance
This service is designed for those who wish to mow their own lawn but also want that super "Creekside green" lawn. Our cost is similar to that of other fertilization companies, but we offer more:

Perhaps the best lawn isn't enough. For a slightly higher charge, we can keep the weeds out of your bedding areas too. This level of service includes:

Sure, we can trim the bushes too. It's a bit more of course.


Additional Services

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We recognize that some customers need more than the maintenance services that we provide. If you don't see what you need, please contact us with your concerns, and if we can't provide you with what you need, we will happily provide a referral. Contact us.